A lot of you keep asking where did #MyselfLoveJourney begin from. …Well #MyselfLoveJourney started when I was on a hospital bed…Let me just say when God is trying to get your attention, he will go through the extreme to shake you, to wake you up.

Staying Fit is a Lifestyle Journey

  You just don’t lose weight and stop working out, eventually the weight will come running back to your stomach, thigh, face, neck, arms etc. My journey is not about losing weight but about staying healthy, I lost weight in the process which is a plus. I am currently on holiday and everyone around me … [Read more…]

Introducing #MySelfLoveJourney – Kc Ejelonu

You probably know me as an actress but I would like to introduce you to my flower child mind. I am Kelechi Ejelonu but I usually go by Kc Ejelonu. Blogging a few years ago, what started out as a passion ended because my dad wanted me to focus on my education and everyday on … [Read more…]