A lot of you keep asking where did #MyselfLoveJourney begin from. …Well #MyselfLoveJourney started when I was on a hospital bed…Let me just say when God is trying to get your attention, he will go through the extreme to shake you, to wake you up.

Choose Yourself

Multi-tasking was so much fun and easier when I was in high school…Now I am my own driver, chef, maid etc and have to be on set as early as 7am, let’s not even start with the traffic back home after filming. Picking up my laptop usually is the last thing on my mind, but … [Read more…]


Some might have gone through this stage or phase and whilst some might be going through it or are yet to go through it. Like I mentioned in one of my post, I believe life started when I moved to Nigeria, away from my parents and family. Some of the experience others might have had … [Read more…]

The New Year is Here….

Of course I had every intention of putting up a post on the first day of the year…But life happened, things happened…I spent Christmas with my family in the UK, my friend got married, I was helping my sister prepare for her own wedding and as the Maid of Honour, the stress is REAL and … [Read more…]

I found my purpose when i stopped feeding my “FEAR”

Some of you have probably experienced what i went through, which is feeding your fears. I fed mine for years, one moment I would be ready and motivated to go for it and before I can say GO, I am back in that shell….