The New Year is Here….

Of course I had every intention of putting up a post on the first day of the year…But life happened, things happened…I spent Christmas with my family in the UK, my friend got married, I was helping my sister prepare for her own wedding and as the Maid of Honour, the stress is REAL and … [Read more…]

Staying Fit is a Lifestyle Journey

  You just don’t lose weight and stop working out, eventually the weight will come running back to your stomach, thigh, face, neck, arms etc. My journey is not about losing weight but about staying healthy, I lost weight in the process which is a plus. I am currently on holiday and everyone around me … [Read more…]

I found my purpose when i stopped feeding my “FEAR”

Some of you have probably experienced what i went through, which is feeding your fears. I fed mine for years, one moment I would be ready and motivated to go for it and before I can say GO, I am back in that shell….


Now you would think my first fitness post would be about myself….Well No. I am currently on holiday and to be honest I am not working out as I should. Its a holiday right?!!! And it is so cold in the UK, I have been out running some times but the day the wind almost … [Read more…]

Introducing #MySelfLoveJourney – Kc Ejelonu

You probably know me as an actress but I would like to introduce you to my flower child mind. I am Kelechi Ejelonu but I usually go by Kc Ejelonu. Blogging a few years ago, what started out as a passion ended because my dad wanted me to focus on my education and everyday on … [Read more…]