A lot of you keep asking where did #MyselfLoveJourney begin from. …Well #MyselfLoveJourney started when I was on a hospital bed…Let me just say when God is trying to get your attention, he will go through the extreme to shake you, to wake you up.

When God kept me alive I knew it was time to fully embrace my purpose and the first thing on my list was Love yourself REGARDLESS #BeHappy #PutYouFirst #MyselfLoveJourney was just my thing but I am happy when I read your comments/ messages and you tell me how different I am now…all I can say is God’s light is all over me.

I hear some people laugh and talk about me, don’t worry I laugh at myself too. But remember I am loving all of me and I hope while you are laughing at me, you are loving yourself too.

Without God you can’t live a peaceful life, that calm feeling, you can’t do it all by yourself.
Is it success you want? Financial security? Your own life partner?
If you take the short route, you will still come back to square 1 if God is not in your decision making process.
This is not a summarised version from a motivational book, this is from experience 😉….now I can laugh about it all and give praise to God for saving me.

Wait oh, I am not a pastor oh….but hey, you never know what life God wants you to live tomorrow. You don’t even know if God wants you on earth tomorrow. So do right by God and yourself…and its not easy oh, no one is perfect, and daily we sin.

I hope to share everything that makes me happy on To be fair I don’t share the things that make me sad on my blog because what I do is, when I am sad about something I take it to God and ask him to change it to pure happiness for me. And when he doesn’t do it, I know he is working on a massive plan ehn that when it comes, my mind will blow. Because I know that’s how we roll.

God Bless you all and hey put you first….#MyselfLoveJourney



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