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Multi-tasking was so much fun and easier when I was in high school…Now I am my own driver, chef, maid etc and have to be on set as early as 7am, let’s not even start with the traffic back home after filming. Picking up my laptop usually is the last thing on my mind, but I would say out loud to myself, I need to upload a new blog post.



Soooo…if you have been following me on my other social media platforms, you will see all the update, well some for now on work (filming). It’s been crazy, and my personal life has been fun in some way. There is a book by James Altucher titled “Choose Yourself” and from that book he says “Its on you to make the most important decision in your life: Choose Yourself”.


Making no room for excuses, the past few weeks has been a painful but a very important journey for me. Lately, I just made up my mind to Choose me first…well its all part of the #MySelfLoveJourney. With decisions I have made lately, I am happy with them because I put me first. Though at first you will feel bad, either heartbroken, selfish or wicked, but it gets better as the days go by you will be fine. Whatever the case is, did that man just suddenly leave your life with no reason? Did you give someone a second chance and they messed up again? Don’t worry, you will be just fine, and hey if you wake up the next day, God isn’t done with your story yet.


Over the weekend, at church to be precise, a young lady walks up to me and asked “Why don’t you post videos of your work out result anymore on Instagram”. That took me by surprise to be honest, and i replied saying I do few work outs at home but no time to take a picture or post anything because I am rushing off to set. And she said my post motivates her to go for a walk, it started off as a walk and now she mixes it with running.
Choose Yourself Screenshot_2016-04-25-14-05-42-2My aim was to inspire just one person at least, but I never thought random people I don’t know will see my blog or even get inspired…well I thought my life was boring (lol). So apologises to anyone out there who enjoys such post and I am not keeping up. Even at a birthday party over the weekend, a friend said my post inspires him…I was touched. Thank you.


Thanks for reaching out to me and for your patience

Lots of Love


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