Some might have gone through this stage or phase and whilst some might be going through it or are yet to go through it. Like I mentioned in one of my post, I believe life started when I moved to Nigeria, away from my parents and family. Some of the experience others might have had while growing up I will say I had mine much later in life and thats because my parents guarded us. As much as they guarded us, I was the only one who wanted to experience things, so my first heart break I experienced that at an earlier age. I believe my dad was scared of us going through some experience so he guarded us so much and I understand now that he did all that because he never wanted to see us get hurt.

I am at a stage or phase were I have to be realistic about Life, there is the good and bad. There are going to be people who will like you and some who will hate you. Growing up I never could understand why people will hate each other or see friends fight, thats because in my household love was what filled the house. I am not saying I have a perfect family, there are fights and all but growing up the energy was Love. My Dad is such a romantic, has a playful and young soul that was so obvious. And my mum on the other hand is so quiet, I call her “The Mrs Do Good All The Time”. She keeps doing good to even the ones that hurt her and she knows they are hurting her, now that I could not understand or have patience for BS. BUT when your cup is full, you don’t want to see the other side of my mother, you had better run.

Where is all this leading to you might ask…I feel like I took some attributes from both my Mum and Dad.

As some of you might know and does who are reading my blog for the first time, I am an Actress based in Nigeria. Living in Nigeria is a book on its own, not a Chapter in a book but a whole book. When I moved back, at first I was so focused, when people piss me off, I will just go into a room and lock the door or sleep it off. But I have noticed that when you are nice they take the PISS, they take advantage of the fact that you are nice. Now when anyone upsets me, I keep taking it but when the cup is full, all I can see and hear is the image of the person upsetting me. And honestly, I hate when that side of me comes out because I can’t really control myself at this point.

So, now I have to try my best not to react to everything, but the reality is that I am opinionated and do say what I feel and that is OK. But I have to find a balance and stay in my own lane

So are you going through the same phase? Lets try this shall we…”move one’s body away from an opponent’s blows so as to lessen the impact…ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES”.



Kc Ejelonu


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