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I have a very sensitive and oily skin I also react to any product that contains alcohol in it and for that reason I tend to use few products, only
because sometimes I am scared to try something new. The brand “Kiehl’s” has been my favourite go to product for my face for a year now.

Before my friend introduced me to the product, I was using Neutrogena and I complained how the products I was using no longer work for my skin, she said as I am getting older, the products I use have to change. But what I have noticed is that, the weather in Nigeria and my skin are not friends at all and when I am back in the UK Neutrogena works pretty fine on my skin.

So lets break it down……

Johnson's baby wipes

Before I begin with the ritual, which is what I call my skin care routine sometimes. I get my Johnson’s baby wipes to clean any make up off my face. I have a confession, I am one of those who bring in some sensitive products in from the UK…I am just scared of any fake products out there and my face is very important oh….Yes I said it.

Clearly Corrective Purifying Foaming Cleanser


Then I use my Kiehl’s Purifying Foaming Cleanser to wash my face day and night, and takes away any excess dirt and make up off. It is fragrance free and helps with discolouration, especially when I am filming outdoors, I come back home after few weeks looking dark because of the amount of make up that goes on my face every-time whilst on set.

Price : $27

Clearly Corrective Clarity Activating Toner.


With a cotton wool, I use just a small amount of toner on my face during the day and at night I get generous with the amount. I love this toner because it is fragrance free and my skin is so soft when I use it.

Price : $42


Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution


My favourite part of the ritual is applying this serum on my face, its like my face just started breathing. I use the clearly corrective dark spot solution because I am trying to clear off the Dark Spots on my face. Again its fragrance free, other products that have fragrance in them, if I use such products, I wake up in the middle of the night with an itchy eye.

Price : $50



The green tea from the image above is EVERYTHINGGGGG, I get it from Aldi the Supermarket in the UK. Out of all the green tea i have tried, this is my favourite so far. I started off drinking this morning and night only but now I take atleast 5 cups daily, Yup I am a tea lover.

Then tea tree oil for that annoying pimple…But since my Doctor recommended “DUAC”, I have been using my tea tree oil less. Now Duac can’t be bought over the shelf, must be prescribed by the doctor. Someone said its been sold in Nigeria over the counter…you see why I get scared of buying something in Nigeria. Well, I won’t be experimenting purchasing it over the counter and trying it out.

And of course our daily vitamins is a very important part of our well being, so vitamin C for the Win!!!


And that’s all folks….Share your own skin care routine and what works for you.


Kc Ejelonu





  1. Amina

    I actually tried Kiehl a while ago and got the opposite reaction. I ended up with rashes. Luckily they offer guaranteed result or money back so I was able to get my money back. If you can find the products that your skin loves and loves ur skin back then your super lucky. Currently using Clinique but still on the search for the one that loves my skin


      Awwww, i know how annoying it is to try a new product and then react to it. As for Kiehl’s did you speak to one of their representatives? They actually have different ranges of the same type of product depending on skin types. I hope you are satisfied with Clinique? I have heard great reviews about them, i have only tried their sample kit.

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