The New Year is Here….

Pictures taken by Kc Ejelonu

Pictures taken by Kc Ejelonu

Of course I had every intention of putting up a post on the first day of the year…But life happened, things happened…I spent Christmas with my family in the UK, my friend got married, I was helping my sister prepare for her own wedding and as the Maid of Honour, the stress is REAL and I am not even the bride…Choi

So lets get things cracking…I turned the BIG 30 January 2nd 2016…Yayyyy Happy Birthday to me. So everyone made a big deal about it “Dirty Thirty”, “Flirty Thirty” etc and everyone wanted to turn up apart from me. I was just grateful for adding another year and being alive, so did a lot of praying and thanking God.
I celebrated my birthday a bit earlier and I went travelling which was so much fun and I hope I get to have more time to travel this year.

Also, 2015 was just a funny year, I had bad things happen to me and at that moment I was wishing and had regrets until I prayed and let God just handle it all. I look back at things now and I am grateful because those experiences shaped who I am today.

Growing up, I always make long term goals and strategies but now I just want to LIVE, but somehow I still kinda make long term goals so I just need to find a balance if that makes any sense.

No new year resolution for me, I am just on a “Me and God Journey” this year…you know, trying to know my bestie some more and share fun moments with him…Its going to be so much fun.

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