I found my purpose when i stopped feeding my “FEAR”

Just me and my camera

Some of you have probably experienced what i went through, which is feeding your fears. I fed mine for years, one moment I would be ready and motivated to go for it and before I can say GO, I am back in that shell….

Growing up I thought I was different, I played football when I was younger and LOVED IT, and still do. If there is anyone out there looking to make a film about a young female football player, please get in touch…Thank you. 🙂

My Dad made me stop playing, he said I was a girl and growing up to be a lady. My father is Igbo so don’t judge him please, most men from that tribe think like that.

So I stopped playing and started Drama school and Arts class was my favourite place to be, I loved making things. And yet again, I was told to stop because I wouldn’t make money. I am sure anyone in the Entertainment Industry, when you were starting your career, you heard that a lot from family and friends. And i understand they are looking out for us.

Sometimes I would think what I wanted to do wasn’t my calling, but as the saying goes “Everything happens for a reason”. Years ago when I started my E-Magazine called K’n’A Entertainment which i later changed to Inspire Magazine, I knew I was doing something I loved, didn’t feel like work one bit. My allowance was always used on buying the latest camera, sound equipment etc. When my dad made me close down the website because he noticed I wasn’t focused on school, I was always taking the train from Coventry into London to go cover one event or stay in BEN Television Studio to learn from Ayo Shonaiya, Dj Abass and Ronke Apampa who discovered my website and gave me the opportunity to come over and watch how things were made behind the scene.

My equipments were packing dust for years, I love recording, editing, writing, acting, talking (lol) and I intend to fulfil all my dreams. I registered my productions company, started filming a talk show, i have 4 episodes just on my computer doing nothing there. My father loves education and is constantly studying and reading, he is a qualified accountant and lawyer and at the age of 60 years old, he is currently studying for another degree. He is an example that you can fulfil everything and anything you want to do in life. So with that, daddy as your daughter, I am following in your footstep, but I am the creative one in the family *wink*

Genevieve Nnaji featured on Oprah

Genevieve Nnaji featured on Oprah

So cheers to my fears, thank you for rocking the boat with me all through the years, I will be fine rocking this new boat all alone with God assisting me on the wheels….

xoxo #MySelfLoveJourney


  1. Very interesting read. That’s the challenge of being a creative. It’s not an easy road except for the lucky few. I’m in it too, so I soooo know…But times are changing and with focus and hard work anything is possible. Good luck in your creative journey!

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