Now you would think my first fitness post would be about myself….Well No. I am currently on holiday and to be honest I am not working out as I should. Its a holiday right?!!! And it is so cold in the UK, I have been out running some times but the day the wind almost took me to the ground, I ran back

But I was motivated by a friend’s post (Lola aka FitMrsFats), she went out running in the cold and guess what…She is Pregnant…Yup!!! Pregnant and running in the cold, what excuse do I have? What excuse do you have?

Before the Christmas feast, I will motivate myself to get out there every morning to run…Also check out Lola’s blog on Food, Travel, Pregnancy post etc



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  1. LOL!!! OMG! I just saw the trackback on my blog! Thank you for posting about me, hun! I’ll reciprocate too! Reading all your posts tonight and YES to running in the cold! No stopping us now! 😉

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