Happiness is this moment!!!


Making no excuses about eating more than i should have this week…lol but i will make up for it, or rather i have started. Currently in the UK and waking up 5am to go running whilst its cold outside, I wish I never had that burger and pizza and coke plus bottle of wine….lol. Yes I had all that.

Currently I am happy, I choose “Happiness” even though I don’t have it all together yet. I might be drinking garri when I get back to Nigeria as I have been travelling a lot lately…lol. Yes garri and some fried fish…yummy. Living on a budget and still healthy…check me out…lol

I am currently surrounded by LOVE, its so amazing and fun. My girlfriends are getting married, my sister and her friends. I watch them all and when I am not asking questions about their relationship they just randomly give me advice even though I am not one who is so crazy about marriage. And the stress on the bribes with all the planning, I don’t have time for such, I worry about little things, then to add aso-ebi palava to it is a no no for me.

I can’t wait to share all the pictures from the weddings coming up…its going to be fun.

Do you have that one friend who tags you in funny videos and pictures on the internet? That’s sholly P for me. She is the life of the party after my heart.

So much love xoxo


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