Introducing #MySelfLoveJourney – Kc Ejelonu


You probably know me as an actress but I would like to introduce you to my flower child mind. I am Kelechi Ejelonu but I usually go by Kc Ejelonu.

Blogging a few years ago, what started out as a passion ended because my dad wanted me to focus on my education and everyday on the computer blogging wasn’t going to help me get good grades.

Even though I wished I never stopped, the best gift a parent can give a child is “EDUCATION” and for that I am grateful to my parents. I completed my degree and masters, but he still wanted me to complete my Phd but instead i followed my passion and dreams.

I have some big dreams and I want to be great, I love what I do as an actress and writer.

J.M Power said “If you want to make your dreams to come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up”. Now each morning we wake up like a blank canvas and its up to you to paint yourself beautiful.

Thank you for following me on my Journey xxx

#MySelfLoveJourney #IAmKcEjelonu



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